The hospital can be a confusing and visually overwhelming environment.

Medical and design students from the university of Dundee in Scotland worked together with patients and staff to look at ways of improving the patients experience in the Emergency Department at Ninewells Hospital.

The result was improved, clearer signage including a map explaining the patients journey through the department and clarifying staff roles and uniforms colours.

Simplifying and subtracting to minimise information clutter can give patients and families a more supported environment.

And by involving both healthcare consumers and hospital staff it is possible to make simple low cost design changes that are context specific and make a big difference.

The team have just won a local award for best person centred project 2018.

Photo credits: Shona Thakore (@sbtees)

2 thoughts on “When patient’s & staff design hospitals.

    1. Hi Sarah. No I tried to find a direct link to the project but was unable to do so. If you are after more info, I would suggest trying to contact someone at Ninewells hospital directly.

      Or you could try reaching out to Shona Thakore (@sbtees) Via Twitter.


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