One really good option to quickly access the latest in reliable medical advice are hospital factsheets.

These factsheets cover a wide range of medical conditions and treatments and are usually available on each individual hospital’s website.
Once you have found the factsheet page you can usually search for the specific information you are looking for.

The advantage of factsheets are that they should contain the latest evidence based information, and they are written clearly and concisely. They usually give you some sort of management plan, so you have an idea of what you should be doing next. Often, they provide this information translated into other languages.

So the next time you need information on how to manage your childs fever, or what you should be eating when you have gastro, or what you should be doing after eye surgery, try making a hospital factsheet website your first point of call.

Here is a list of some really good ones.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Sydney Childrens Hospital. 

Kids Health (Westmead Childrens Hospital).

The Royal Women’s Hospital. Information specifically on women’s health topics.

Emergency Fact Sheets (Emergency Care Institute) Information on common acute and emergency conditions.

Many other haealthcare organisations also produce a range of helpful factsheets.

Cancer Council of Australia.

Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Arthritis Australia.

Diabetes Queensland.

Brain Injury Australia. Information on acquired brain injury.


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