My name is Ian Miller.

I have recently retired after 35 years working as a nurse in a busy Emergency Department in Canberra Australia.
During that time I have seen a lot of people moving through the health system and not really understanding what is happening to them. Or feeling that they are not given a voice in the delivery of their own care.

Todays health system is a complex, confusing, highly technical, fast-moving and often times intimidating environment.
Every day, people just like you (often having a really bad day), struggle to navigate and understand the care and interventions that are being offered to them.

So SICKMAPS is my offering to help you make a little more sense of it all.

I will show you:

  • Tools and tips to help improve the quality of your own care.
  • Activities and plans to help you best help those you love who are themselves experiencing medical care.
  • Information to improve your health literacy. Your understanding of technical jargon and goings on in the health settings. Both front of house and behind the scenes.
  • Strategies to help the care providers as they care for you, and to hold those providing that care accountable with an aim of working together as part of a team rather than as a passive, frustrated recipient.


This is absolutely not the place to come for medical advice on specific conditions or symptoms or to discuss a specific gripe you have with the health system.

Instead I am offering information on a wide variety of topics presented in an easy to understand format to augment your understanding and to transpose some of the more confusing aspects of the health system based on my own experiences and knowledge.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to SICKMAPS

  1. What a fabulous concept – I become so frustrated for people whom are not informed of their care. This will go a long way to inoroving understanding. I look forward to following your progression. Will you include best and evidenced practice?


  2. Hi Ian. This is an excellent idea. The health system can be difficult to navigate and people are usually stressed when they are seeking the appropriate health care.
    No doubt there are many experienced health professionals on this site. Please let us know if you require any help. For example – which CNS take self referrals?


  3. Welcome back Ian,

    After recently joining a care network looking into emergencyn care of older persons, it became even more apparent that health literacy is profoundly lacking in this demographic. Now that you are somewhat enecumbered this seems like the perfect environment to give back.


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